Dejenna Endowment

Dejenna Endowment was established in July 2004 as one of the institutions to execute Ethiopiaís development strategy to accelerate economic growth.  As a corporate holding company, it draws on the available natural and human resources in Tigray Region and converts these into sustainable agriculture and agro-industry investment projects. 


DE executes its projects within the framework of the official policy of the Ethiopian government [Agriculture Development Led Industrialization - ADLI] to assist smallholder farmers to work their way out of poverty. Under the guidance of its Investment Policy Framework, the Endowment makes investment decisions upon considerations of the merits of a given project in light of its use of existing resources, creation of forward/backward linkages, potential to trigger growth, generation of employment opportunities, profit viability and adherence to social responsibility principles.

It primarily focuses on agriculture and agro-processing to which it introduces new and improved technologies and technical and managerial practices for better production and marketing operations. Over the last three and half years Dejenna Endowment has established 6 Companies, all of which are already in business, and is currently implementing 4 investment projects chosen on the basis of their roles in meeting the growing market demand for agricultural products. 

some of Products of  Biruh Tesfa plastic factory  Click here for details

  beruhtesfa 002 a

Pure honey Products of Dimma beekeeping PLC    Click here for details


 More on Forest rehabilitation  Click here for details


Products of Abergelle international live stock development PLC      Click here for details




Products of National Geo textile factory.     Click here for details




To be technological pioneers in the agricultural development and agro processing industries of the country.

Dejenna envisions creating a centre of excellence dedicated to accelerate growth and economic transformation among subsistence farmers in Tigray through agro-processing and sustainable commercial-use of natural resources.


Our Mission is to develop a viable agro-industrial base in Tigray, to help commercialize and diversify agricultural products and thereby raise the farmerís income and create jobs across the region and beyond.


To eradicate poverty in the country through fundamental changes in the prevailing agricultural and related practices.

To be a key player in the development endeavors of the country

To play a considerable role in the conservation of natural resources and environmental rehabilitation.

To tap the huge agricultural potential of the country for commercial purpose.

To engage in lucrative and resource based ventures