Abergelle International Livestock

 Development PLC

Abergelle International livestock development PLC (AILD PLC) was established in December 2004 to promote livestock development in Tigray Region. It is headquartered in Mekelle where also the slaughterhouse is located, and it has three fattening centers at Shire, Agbe and Alamata

It mainly focuses on expansion and strengthening of fattening centers, establishment of molasses distribution centers, assessment of livestock markets, purchasing and sales of animals and animal products both at the local and foreign markets; development of improved forage species and provision of improved feed like urea molasses block to beneficiaries.

Company contribution

The company shall create at least 82 jobs and annually generate an average of Br 5 million in revenue.

The company is expected to export 10,990 MT of meat annually and thus become an important source of foreign earnings.  

The company is now creating a links connecting a variety of sectors in the economy stretching from urban to rural areas. It produces organic fertilizer, supplies fodder thereby helping productivity, supplies leather to tanneries, exports meat, purchases cattle by the hundreds and thus links up the rural and the urban, back and forth. The major raw material is found in the rural areas while the finished products are in urban markets, along the way, creating jobs and raising incomes.  The company shall annually purchase from [mostly smallholding] suppliers of 324,000 cattle, sheep and goats worth 144,261,000.00 Br. At an average of 5 animals per producer, it will benefit 64,800 heads of producers. To avoid the perils environmental pollution the export slaughterhouse has plans to fix waste treatment tools that and can produce tons of organic fertilizer from the waste materials. Efforts are also underway to treat the wastewater from the slaughterhouse and reuse it for irrigation


fattening center in shire                                                                                    Fattenning Center in Ageb



  Abergelle International Livestock Development Plc.

Mekelle, Tgray , Ethiopia


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Abergelle Livestock Development Plc aims to be one of the most successful and efficient companies in the supply of high quality livestock and livestock by products in East Africa.


Abergelle Livestock Development Plc has the mission to increase the income of stakeholder farmers and the region as a whole, through the export of quality and high standard meat and meat products, creating market outlets, providing feed and veterinary inputs as well as giving technical advice to beneficiaries and customers.


  • Creation and strengthening of supply network for sustainable quality and quantity supply of meat animals for the export slaughterhouse plant to be established in the near future.

  • Create reliable and sustainable markets to farmers in the Tigray and neighboring regions

  • Alleviate the prevailing problem of fodder by supplying the producers with agro-industrial by - products such as [noug cake molasses and concentrate.]

  • Encourage small - scale customers and suppliers to participate in livestock marketing

  • Strengthen the company in efficiency and finance by increasing the sales and quality of cattle and products