Biruh-Tesfa Plastic Products PLC

Bruh-Tesfa Plastic Products PLC become operational in January 2005 with the main objective of producing different pipelines, fittings and drippers for application of drip irrigation and hi-tech technologies to transform agricultural sector.

The Factory, a partial view



The company uses virgin raw materials in the production of standard products; while recycled inputs are used to produce flexible conduits. At any rate, it makes sure that the quality of products at every stage meets the customer’s requirements.

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Drip laterals (Bruh drip 16)

Integral drip pipe with cylindrical drippers, Drippers of 4 different discharges, available within a space of 20 to 150cm, are used to drip-water rows of crops fit for drip irrigation harvesting: vegetables, field crops, fruits trees vineyards.

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Partial view of our Machineries

Polyethylene (PE) pipes

The range of parameters of the PE pipes


PE 32, PE 40, PE 63, PE 80, PE 100


from 12 to 160mm


from SDR 11 to SDR 33 

Pressure range with respective diameter

from PN 4 to PN 16(4 to 16 bars)





Services on the offer

Study and Design: The Company offers pressurized irrigation system-study: design, supply, installation and training including post-sales services to customers.

Fittings; Beruh Tesfa produces & distributes both own produced as well as imported fittings of different sizes and types. It is the authorized sole distributor in Ethiopia of fittings produced by AZUD a globally known first class producer of PE Pipes from Spain.

Electro Fusion & Butt Welding; The Company Provides quality Electro fusion & butt welding service for pipes of large diameters to avoid leakage, minimize cost and simplify in and outdoors installation works.     

Main Customers

Agricultural Bureaus & Water Resource enterprises, REST, ORDA, USAID& Kobo Girana, investors ,Water resource & sewerage supply offices, textile industries, laundries, Tannery companies, housing agencies, construction companies & whole sellers of conduit, Private farms, Flower industries & green houses. Our customers report with satisfaction that Bruh Tesfa’s laterals, conduits and HDPE pipes are best quality products, their prices reasonable and, to their convenience, supported with good technical assistance. 






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To be competent enough to become a leader in the plastic industry; to be chosen for its high quality plastic products as well as its competitive price.


Bruh Tesfa’s mission is to play an active role in the national endeavor to reduce poverty and ensure food security by strengthening drip irrigation technologies.


  To promote the optimal use of agricultural and other natural resources in the region.

  To increase the share of the manufacturing sector through value adding and more income generating schemes.

  To create job opportunities.       

  To encourage the establishment of medium and large industries, which call for the most and create the conditions for the setting up of other industries or the emergence of other sectors.

  Build and develop entrepreneurial, technological and managerial capabilities in the Region

  Ensure environmental and ecological protection.

  To promote the transfer of technology.

  To diversify exports and increase foreign exchange earnings/savings.

 To attract finance from domestic and foreign sources














Expansion project

As one of diversifying strategies, currently Bruh-Tesfa is expanding its capacity to produce high quality laminated pp woven bags. This expansion project, expected to cost birr 53 million, would have     production capacity of 24 million pcs of pp bags

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Drip pipes ready for market

Advantage of Bruh Tesfa PE pipes

  •         High flexibility and light weight
  •       Very good chemical resistance
  •       No deposits and no overgrowth possible
  •       Very good abrasion resistance
  •       Suitable for channeling potable water
  •       Good weathering resistance
  •       Black HDPE is 100% UV-resistant
  •       Good weld ability
  •       Later modifications and easy repair are possible
  •       100% tight system
  •       100% resistance to roots and rodents
  •       High temperature range -30oC up to +60oC
  •       Low friction and pressure

Tabular Films; offers quality polyethylene tabular films of 8cm & 10cm thickness useful for wrapping seedlings.

Conduits; Good quality conduits (both flexible & rigid) with diameters of 13mm & 16mm, ideal for building constructions.

ብሕታዊ ወኪል መከፋፈሊ ኣፍልጦን ውክልናን ስለዝሃብዎ ናብ ሃገራዊ ዕዳጋ ኣብ ምቕራብ ይርከብ፡፡

Poly bags; of deferent sizes and are used for packaging.





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